Magbelle’s Inspired Chocolate Treatment Perm

Magbelle’s Inspired Chocolate Treatment Perm ✅90%treatment,10% chemical ✅It’s hair identical PH of 4.5-5.5 is able to protect, repair and restore hair health to its’ optimal state with no damage ✅Suitable for fine, frizzy, dull, coarse and damaged hair ✅Helps to restore natural shine and maximum the healthy and bouncy Find Magbelle Hair Salon at #02-49

Magbelle Hair Salon Inspired Hair Design

Magbelle inspired hair design! Are you bored of having a plain hair colour? Try Balayage! Individual strokes of colour are applied to the hair to create soft, natural looks. No dyeing is involved, which makes the colour more durable and you would not need to re-dye your hair roots for a while. Visit Magbelle Hair…