Personalised Kitchen with Patterned Tile

If you’d like to create a beautiful, personalised kitchen with plenty of styles, consider including patterned tile in your kitchen to make your design stand out. For more design and styling information, kindly contact Livinz Synthesis at 9655 9489 for a non-obligation discussion.

Livinz Synthesis Renovation Consultation

Let’s get started with a Non-obligation reno consultation with Livinz Synthesis Pte Ltd and let them work out a cost based on your needs and the quality finishing that you desire.   Kindly contact 9655 9489 or email – to RSVP.

Livinz Synthesis Condominium Interior Design

Livinz Synthesis interior design for this apartment gives an aura of a clean, organized and airy aesthetic. The home foundation is kept in light neural colours. White, black and grey are the primary colours that always look trendy and timeless. Contact Livinz Synthesis for a non-obligation consultation at 9655 9489 or email: or head…

Psychedelic X Contemporary Classic

Livinz Synthesis, where smart living, space-saving, and design comes together. Their inspiration comes from wanting to build a home that integrates space-saving into colours and design. For more information on how Livinz Synthesis can inspire your home, kindly contact +65 9655 9489 or email –

Proposal 3D design for Yishun Emerald Condominium

Livinz Synthesis Proposal 3D design for Yishun Emerald Condominium. Can’t think of a look that’ll work well with your Home? Talk to us to see what will work best for your space & what style will meet your needs! Contact Livinz Synthesis at 6896 1510 or 9655 9489 for an appointment. Alternatively, you can email…