Dyxy Lipstick

Dyxy Lipstick are so versatile as they can double up as an eyeshadow or blusher! Great and super convenient to bring around with you too. 📌 D.Aleaf, #02-43

Bubble Jelly Slimming Oil

Bubble Jelly Slimming Oil helps to improve circulation, relieve excess water retention and winds. Relax tight and spam muscles. Prevent and enlightened stretch mark, varicose vein, and anti cramps. Helps to relieve body pain like – knee pain, back pain, sprain, body aches &sciatica pain. Quickly reduce uncomfortable PMS symptoms & menstrual cramps. To reduce…

DYXY Skin Care

DYXY Skin Care now available D.Aleaf #02-43. • Aminoacid Bubble Cleanser • Tender Skin Nourishing Essence • Essence Toner • Mascara • Green Tea Mineral Face Mist Hydrate your skin and let it glow! No more dry and dull skin with DYXY.

Lofalens by Neelofa

Stay on trend with Lofalens, each colour is personally selected by Neelofa herself. With a wide range of power, from 0.00 – 8.00 (degree to plano). Get it at D.Aleaf #02-43.

Jajja Chinta Advanced Hair Anti Frizz Serum

This serum is specially designed to restore its natural shine as it helps straighten, calm and eliminate frizz. It penetrates deep into hair follicles by softening the cuticle and restoring dry, damaged hair. This formula makes your hair stronger and therapeutically calm your scalp. Available d.aleaf #02-43.

Beausiti Simplysiti, Healthy Beverage

Beausiti Simplysiti is a modern woman healthy drink. It contains botanical nutrition like Aloe Vera, Pueraria Mirifica, and Roselle that help care for your beauty and health of your body. Available at D.Aleaf #02-43.